Visionary pop aficionado Amber Bain, better knows as The Japanese House, returns with Chewing Cotton Wool, a four track EP, her first release since her debut album Good at Falling from last year.

This format is familiar ground – before Bain’s debut she released four of these small EPs. Chewing Cotton Wool is thirteen minutes of heart-baring experimental pop covering the trauma of an emotional break up, seeing her ex lover in everything and everywhere.

‘Something Has To Change’ is the radio friendly lead single which was released nearly a year ago. Its repeating hook mirrors the subject of the song – braking routine mistakes. “You look back,  You’re going round in circles, Your world feels just the same, Your heart keeps breaking in the same way,” Bain sings.

‘Dionne’ featuring  Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is a Dionne Warwick shout out and a rebuke of cinematic love. Vernon’s ethereal vocals and stunning synths are perfectly matched with Bain’s.

Bain took to Twitter to speak about her excitement to release this EP, “These songs for me punctuate the stages of coming out of a relationship and entering into a new phase”.

She also went on to admit that she sees her gender somewhere of the spectrum, also stating that, “regardless – I liked this image and how comfortable I felt within myself when taking it”.

They say if you love someone you should let them free. Chewing Cotton Wool is the ultimate brutally honest homage to a love that ended. Bain has cleansed herself of some emotional turmoil and created an enlightening EP to support others on a similar journey.

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