“I can see that you’re needing a beautiful feeling, late in the evening” Safiyyah Da Silva (know mononymously as Safiyyah) sings on the first track, ‘Be Someone’, from her debut EP Third Eye. It is a mesmerising introduction to the upcoming singer songwriter’s melodic, neo-soul repertoire which is continued in the proceeding four tracks. 

Born and raised in West London, and of Portuguese and Moroccan decent, the twenty-two year old’s first collective work is a true insight to who Safiyyah is as an artist. She stays true to this in the nostalgic feel of ‘You Again’. The track oozes with confessions and personal feelings. “Carry on, you don’t get to know me this time’ are repeated over the rhythm, giving an insight into Saffiyah’s world.

Safiyyah’s only collaborative song on the EP is ‘Mornings’ with Finn Foxell, a fellow West Londoner. It embodies the R&B genre and is ideal for an easy, afternoon listen. Foxell’s slow rap and vocals is harmonised perfectly with Safiyyah and is positioned in the middle of her EP to split up her solo tracks to bring in a different voice. A faultless pairing.

The fourth track ‘Grow’ picks the pace up, bringing a combination of R&B and contemporary jazz sounds, with the saxophone taking centre stage at points. Erykah Badu is one of  Safiyyah’s inspirations and her style is echoed here.

‘Notting Dale’ focuses on Safiyyah’s impressive songwriting ability and vocal magic, which is at the forefront of the composition. The track steals the show, leaving you wanting more from the Polarface Records artist. 

The spiritual element of the EP is first materialised in the cartoon graphics of the cover, designed by her friend Aliyah Coreana which is reminiscent of a tarot card. This energy is further affirmed by the melodies and lyrics, and she remarks that she ‘is on a spiritual journey finding and aligning with myself’.

Safiyyah writes these songs on Third Eye to embark us on her journey. It is a neo-soul train I want to be on.

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