As the sun is making its reappearance in the British skies again, the Blue Americans duo, Kris Platt and Danny Ball (who are in fact Northern Irish) have timed their latest single ‘Sunchaser’ to perfection.

Filled with blue sky vibes, plucky guitars and a flamboyant vocal delivery, ‘Sunchaser’ is a pure spring time anthem.

Unusually Blue Americans began life as a DIY band slumming it in the back of a van, but have since progressed into a left-field pop band creating colourful choruses and resounding hooks.

Looking back at their discography, their music has taken a multitude of twist and turns. From the delicate debut of ‘Shoon’ in 2017 before plunging more heavily into pop with singles such as ‘Free Champagne’ and ‘Honey’.

Each track’s topic varies immensely, from Trump’s politics to online shopping and arthouse Japanese films. Equally the pair consistently sustain a captivating chorus while remaining true to their DIY roots.

Blue Americans are set to release the Sum Yen EP, on 5 April, featuring this new single alongside ‘Honey’ and ‘Dumbo’.

‘Sunchaser’ is available to stream now, and can be found here.


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