There’s a lot of would be electronic producers knocking about these days. All over the world there’s an army of Souncloud warriors making mixes in their grubby bedrooms, but Suffolk born lad Tyler Darrington, who goes by the name Fanshore, offers something a little bit different.
Working from London now, Darrington uses a blend of genres and his varied knowledge of music to create some pretty refreshing sounds. His latest release ‘Sunlight’ sounds like Loyle Carner at his most chill but with even more funk added into the mix. The rest of his tracks are equally as groovy and are basically the perfect soundtrack pretty much anything you can think of. Fanshore is relatively new to the producing game but what he’s put out is really listenable for such a newcomer.

 Weirdly, he’s already toured the UK – but under a different guise, in a dream wave indie pop band called Teen Brains back in 2015. An annoyingly impressive musical background for a 20 year-old. He’s not got loads of music out yet, but he’s always adding more and what he’s got already is definitely worth a listen.

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