It’s tried and tested fact now: NYC never disappoints. As Overcoats, Hannah Elion  and JJ Mitchell are the latest offering from the big city. Though they’ve got little material knocking about online, their debut record YOUNG is on its way, full of wide-eyed nocturnal electro.

Elion and Mitchell pitch the record as a shared journey into life as young women. Their coordination’s on-lock, tight harmonies hugging onto killer hooks like their shadows. No wonder given their essential sisterhood, sharing their last teenage years as college roommates. First offering from the record ‘Hold Me Close’ echoes the soft-rolling charm of The Staves and buffs it up, making it big-radio friendly.

Dates this side of the Atlantic are on the way, and YOUNG is out April 21st – until then tide yourself over with ‘Hold Me Close’ below.

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