Listen: Courts give pessimists a reason to smile in ‘Glass Half Empty’


It’s hard to work out what’s going on in Courts heads most of the time. Previous track, ‘Wanna Be High’ was a track about escaping the 9-5 slog, counter-balanced by its bitter-sweet melody.

Despite the deceiving title, the Basildon band’s latest offering  ‘Glass Half Empty’ is just about as upbeat as it gets. Pulling off layers of energetic riffs, the lyrics of defeatism are almost hidden behind the razor sharp flip-flap of vocals, ‘My mind is a mess, I try my best. The glass is half empty and a little less’.

Whatever’s bugging them, we won’t stop them from getting it off their chests. If this latest track is anything to go by, Courts will soon be getting the attention they crave.

Listen to ‘Glass Half Empty’ below: