Wunderkind Declan McKenna closed off last year as one of the hottest tips for 2017, making the national news with the prophetic football tale ‘Brazil’ and crashing onto the radio with ‘Isombard’. Now 18, McKenna’s at that fractured point between youth and the next stage, still dogged by fears of feeling small in a worsening world but now feeling prepared to take the reins.

New banger ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ is growing pains pumped up to huge proportions and a kick back at the stereotype of the aimless millennial. Pitter-patter synth and guitars grow to something rousing and powerful, with more than a glimmer of Peace’s Happy People in Declan’s eye.

Declan’s about to take off round then country with Cage The Elephant, before rolling straight into his own headline shows. Check out the dates and read our feature with Declan here.

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