Mercury winner Sampha and former Odd Future member Syd, have teamed up for ‘Show Love,’ released by ‘Everything is Recorded’ the pseudonym of XL Recording’s Richard Russell.

While phonetically ‘Sampha and Syd’ sound like a cute kid’s show featuring felt puppets, musically they are a seriously sweet combo.

The track is all about unison and harmony: “You’ve grown up to show love, there’s no love unless you show love” Sampha swoons over a steady stream of synths.

Russell’s previous EP under ‘Everything is Recorded’ also featured the vocals talents of Sampha on the track ‘Close But Not Quite’ released earlier this year.

Russel has previous producer credits on Ibeyi’s debut and Damon Albarn’s ‘Everyday Robots’.

Listen to ‘Show Love’ and see the lyric video here:

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