A return to the audio silk we are accustom to from Laura Marling, ‘Wild Fire’ follows the hauntingly Delphic  single ‘soothing’.

Marling’s sixth album Semper Femina (Latin for Always a Woman) is shaping up to be a delicate and profound observation on womanhood.

Marling has stated that Semper Femina has a loose lyrical thread: stringing together her, freshly observed take on womanhood, and what she describes as a particularly ‘masculine time in her life’.

A concentrated observation on a woman, Wild Fire is lyrically intimate, as Marling sings, “She’s going to write a book someday, of course the only part I want to read, is about her time spent with me.”

It is a particularly raw single, which beautifully crystallises the talent of the most gifted and intriguing folk artist of this century.

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