M83 announce new album and single ‘Do It, Try It’


Since 2011, Anthony Gonzales, aka M83, has only appeared bi-annually as the opening track to Made in Chelsea but last week he reappeared on the sonic radar.

He has announced that his new album, Junk, the follow up to the stunning Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, will be released on the 8th April with the lead single ‘Do It, Try It’ available to stream now. This vibrant return brings with it an upbeat piano line before turning into a percussion driven dance floor monolith that could fit neatly into Daft Punk’s latest album.

Whilst no UK tour dates have been announced thus far he has been confirmed to sub New Order at Latitude in July, as well as a countless number of festivals on the continent. The full tracklisting for Junk can be seen below.

1. Do It, Try It
2. Go! [ft. Mai Lan]
3. Walkway Blues [ft. Jordan Lawlor]
4. Bibi the Dog [ft. Mai Lan]
5. Moon Crystal
6. For the Kids [ft. Susanne Sundfør]
7. Solitude
8. The Wizard
9. Laser Gun [ft. Mai Lan]
10. Road Blaster
11. Tension
12. Atlantique Sud [ft. Mai Lan]
13. Time Wind [ft. Beck]
14. Ludivine
15. Sunday Night 1987

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