Radiohead reveal new track ‘Burn The Witch’


The year 2016 has had Radiohead fans across the world on constant tenterhooks. A year of cruel teasing. First the band set up a new company named ‘Dawn Chorus LLP’ something they had previously done just before their last two releases 2011s ‘The King Of Limbs’ and 2007s ‘In Rainbows’. Then came the weekend of April 30th, leaflets posted all over the country to Radiohead fans reading ‘Burn The Witch: We Know Where You Live’. Following this there was silence, with their social media accounts going blank. However this morning two short teaser clips are posted online, and finally, this afternoon brings the fans the long awaited answer. A new Radiohead track. ‘Burn The Witch’.

It was more than worth the wait. It’s a terrifically haunting piece, with staccato strings and orchestral wails to accompany Thom Yorke’s typically high-reaching vocals. The songs origins lie way back in 2003, which may go some way to explain why it’s eerie sound is comparable to that heard on 2003s ‘Hail To The Thief’ or even on 1997s ‘OK Computer’, sharing similarities in particular with the gloom-ridden ‘Climbing Up The Walls’.

Radiohead fans have come to expect the unexpected. ‘Burn The Witch’ is another shift in direction, particularly from the previous two LPs. With the new album likely to drop imminently, keep your eyes peeled, a new dawn for Radiohead is coming.

Watch the video for ‘Burn The Witch’ below:

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