When you think of music from South East Asia, blinding neon, sickly sweet pop comes to mind. The region is synonymous with J-Pop, K-pop and anything else that pulsates through you faster than a sugar rush. What you don’t expect is a more westernised guitar based band who thrive off picky guitars and thumping drum rolls.

That’s exactly why we’ve been taken aback by South Korea’s Hyukoh. They’re as epic as Foals, they shred guitars like Metallica, and they’re mad enough to unleash 100 horses into a desert while they play¬†on the back of a dirty big trailer. ‘Wanli’ is the soundtrack to the epic ride through the sandy mountains and one you’ll want to relive over and over.

Listen to ‘Wanli’ here:

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Josh Shreeve

Director of VLM and radio man at Forge Radio. Studies journalism at the University of Sheffield.

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