If you’ve ever been stuck on a cramped London tube and heard those words “signal failure” you’ll know the intense blood-boiling feeling of rage that goes through you as you endure another ten minutes stuck to the newspaper of the passenger next to you. Rarely does it end up in a full on fist-lashing fight across the carriage. That is unless you’re Formation; although we’re pretty sure that’s not because of any tube delays.

The London five-piece’s new video for their latest track ‘A Friend’ takes place in a surprisingly empty underground carriage – presumably the 4am night tube to Morden – as a brawl breaks out between two blokes, one being frontman Will. Backed with their now well-seasoned cowbell and synths it’s a euphoric dance track with a twist.

It’s the latest track from their forthcoming album Look At The Powerful People released on the 24 March and follows on from their last visually bombarding track ‘Drugs’. Tickets for the band’s forthcoming UK tour can be found here.

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Josh Shreeve

Director of VLM and radio man at Forge Radio. Studies journalism at the University of Sheffield.

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