Matt Healy gets sentimental of the band on the 1975’s latest single from Notes on a Conditional Form.

Guys‘ which had been teased on their last tour, is an ode to the unity of being in a band. Healy reminisces about the “golden times” of the The 1975 and how it has “being the best thing that ever happened” to him.

“The first time we went to Japan, was the best thing that ever happened, I wish we could do it again, you guys are the best thing that ever happened to me,” sings Healy.

The band’s fourth album will be released on the 22 May and will feature previous singles, ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)‘ and the lead single ‘People’.

‘Guys’ is set to be the album closer, a calmer conclusion to the lengthy, 22 track album.

You can listen to the track below:


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