Ashnikko has released her new track, ‘Cry’ featuring Grimes, along with its accompanying anime-style music video.

The track is an intense two minutes of heavy metal guitars, trap beats, and Shakespeare references.

“Are you trying to make me cry? Are you trying to make me lose it? You win some and lose some. This could get gruesome,” Ashnikko sings in the chorus.

“Careful with me I’m volatile. Careful with me I’m homicidal,” the North Carolina musician continues in a verse. The track balances feelings of fragility and aggression, and the video continues the horrorcore theme from previous singles such as her Tik Tok hit, ‘STUPID’.

The video “depicts Ashnikko and Grimes mutating and metamorphosing into a demon alter ego of Ashnikko stalking her prey,” according to the press release.

Grimes offers whispered vocals throughout and sings, “This is the winter of our discontent,” as her faerie-like avatars jet off to space.

Ashnikko released the Hi, It’s Me EP in July 2019 and ‘Cry’ follows from ‘Tantrum’ as a second post-EP release.