Billie Eilish has shared the new single ‘my future’ after days of teasing.

The track which was written a month into lockdown reflects this incredibly introverted and reflective period. Eilish honours her past, while also looking forward to her future self with this new release.

‘my future’ is a gentle almost an a capella affair for its majority, before a gentle rolling percussion slips in. It most closely tied with tracks such as ‘come out and play’ and ‘i love you’.

The track is both optimistic and reflective, promising that everything is going to be okay. She leaves her past behind and is looking forward to new beginnings. The track suggests Billie is more comfortable with who she is now and feels like a coming of age single.

“‘my future’ is about growth. For years and years I relied on having someone. I’m not talking about relationships I’m talking about everything – I couldn’t be alone. I just thought that I needed that growth. It’s so much harder than you think to rely on yourself. When you’re in that alone zone, I feel like everything is about love”, Eilish told Zane Lowe in an interview about the track.

There is no certainty the track will feature on any upcoming album but Eilish has confirmed in recent interviews that she has been writing frequently in lockdown.

The track is also accompanied by an animated music video directed by Andrew Onorato. You can view this below.

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