Cults have offered their new single ‘Trials’ from their upcoming fourth album, Host, to be released 18 September.

‘Trials’, follows the first comeback single ‘Spit You Out’, the New York duo’s first new music since the release of the Offering B-sides in 2018. 

According to the band, the new single “focuses on the power that addictions and ideologies have to transform. The chorus walks a tightrope between a metaphor for gaslighting and a despairing worry about the person you still hold out hope for.” 

The atmospheric synth-pop sounds and the addition of strings in the intro, create an airy, ghostly effect, giving prominence to Madeline Follin’s hypnotic voice and an overall sense of melancholy throughout. 

The video was shot by director Jeff Strikers via Zoom during the quarantine and features Follin in a mystical performance projected against mirror and hologram-like visual effects, as a result of Strikers’ experimentation with optical illusions. Strikers described the filming as “pretty magical and the whole process was constant discovery and surprise. An ideal creative experience.”

The new album is a result of growth and experimentation for the band, opening a new chapter for them. The upcoming body of work, will include more music wirtten by Follin, who admitted she was often too shy to share her music in the past. 

“When Shane and I heard what Madeline had written, we couldn’t believe it” fellow member Brian Oblivion explains, “the music just floored us.” 

Below is the video for ‘Trials’ and the confirmed tracklist of the album which you can pre-order here.

Host Tracklist
1. Trials
2. 8th Avenue
3. Spit You Out
4. A Low
5. No Risk
6.Working It Over
7. A Purgatory
8. Like I Do
9. Masquerading
10. Honest Love
11. Shoulders To My Feet
12. Monolithic