Fontaines D.C. have released, ‘I don’t Belong’ which will  be the opening track of their new album, A Hero’s Death out 31 July.

The track and video f0llow from the album’s title track released in May.

The video for ‘I don’t belong’ was directed remotely by the band’s bassist, Connor Deegan III. The band’s initial plan was to film it in London, but the lockdown restrictions made them change the location and film it in their home of Ireland.

Deegan directed the video from Co.Mayo, located at the west coast of Ireland and the video shoot took place in Skerries, located at the east coast of Ireland where vocalist Chattan is from.

According to Deegan the band tried to use those limitations to their benefit and make the most of the situation, by matching “the emotional feel of the song but without being heavy-handed. Telling a visual story parallel to the lyrics.”

“This song is a dismissal of the expectations of other people who consider themselves loyal to you,” Chattan explained.

The concept of not belonging, is a sentiment which “can be liberating in a way, but it’s also lonely and sad. We wanted to show both sides of that type of loneliness,” he added.

A Hero’s Death will be the swift follow up to their top 10 debut Dogrel which was nominated for the 2019 Mercury Prize.

You can see the video for the new track below.