Gone Is Gone were formed in 2016 by Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, At the Drive In’s Tony Hajjar, Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) and guitarist- keyboardist Mike Zarin. ‘Everything is Wonderfall’ is the band’s new single, following last year’s return with ‘No One Ever Walked On Water’.

Listening to Van Leeuwen’s characteristic, heavy guitar riffs, and Sanders’ trademark vocals, the concept behind the new single is about the times of uncertainty and darkness: “As the world was locking down and musicians were figuring out a new normal, we were fortunately and unfortunately doing what this band has always had to do to continue creating,” Hajjar explained.

Hajjar also mentioned that the song is the result of a jam which was later edited and fitted on a new sound they were working on. “We want our songs to be able to fit in a band format or switch into an electronic based format that can live on its own as a second arm of the bands sound.”

For the video, each member filmed their own performance, and it was later edited with added creative visuals that were fitting to the track’s dark themes. 

As for their other projects, At the Drive In are in a period of hiatus, while Zarin is running his own successful production company Sencit. Van Leeuwen has been working with QOTSA on the band’s eighth album, and Mastodon have already worked on twenty new songs, including a track for the upcoming Bill and Ted film, Bill and Ted Face the Music

You can watch the official video for ‘Everything is Wonderfall’ below.