In collaboration with Z2 comics, Gorillaz will be launching an almanac celebrating the past two decades of the band’s visual artistry.

Arriving in October 2020 (and already available to pre-order), the hardcover book will feature 120 full-colour pages containing comic strips, new artwork, interviews with the band as well as puzzles and games all penned by Gorillaz’ co-creator and longstanding visual artist, Jamie Hewlett. And each copy comes with a ten track CD from Season One of Song Machine.

Now that the gig economy is at a global standstill, artists are finding increasingly innovative ways to reach their audience. Since many of us aren’t so keen on watching Instagram gigs, with even James Blunt himself tweeting “I thought I’d do you all a favour and not,” Gorillaz are offering their fans something different, something tangible and something that is totally unaffected by latency issues.

‘Gorillaz Almanac 2020’ comes in three editions, although the most expensive version has just sold out. Standard and deluxe editions (the latter signed by Jamie Hewlett himself) are available to pre-order in the UK here.