IDLES have released their latest single ‘Model Village’ from their eagerly anticipated third album Ultra Mono.

Returning to their high octane punk sound after the deliciously brooding ‘A Hymn’, the Bristol band take an ironic look at the dangerous small mindedness of villages (and of small minded people in general) that often act as a breading ground for far right politics.

“I hated growing up in a city that was really a town that was really a fishbowl. I left as soon as I could, only to realise the fishbowl didn’t exist…just the fish, and they’re everywhere.” IDLES Joe Talbot said about his own experiences of growing up.

The video for the track was animated and directed by the Gondry Brothers (Michel and Olivier) who came together virtually between LA and Paris to make the video. It was also an ambition of Joe’s (who studied film) to work with the brothers ever since he saw their video for ‘Star Guitar’ by The Chemical Brothers.

The video depicts people as pigs and this is all down to Michel latching on to one line: “There’s a lot of pink skin in the village”, Michel decided to run with it, making all the villagers into pigs. “Basically in the first part,” Michel explains, “we try to illustrate the lyrics as close as possible, to create the world, and then in the second half…they go to the moon.”

Ultra Mono is due for release on the 25 September

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