Jayda G has just dropped another anthem, ‘Are U Down’, completing her EP alongside the summer track ‘Both Of Us’ and the plethora of her own remixes and edits of the originals. The Candaian-born DJ and producer is no amateur to creating timeless tracks and she provides again.

‘Both Of Us’ encapsulates the summer festival vibe, which has been removed from this year’s agenda and become a sweet but distant dream. Through the nostalgia of the big festival crowds, this track elicits a joyous and bright feeling. Brit Award winner Fred Again… co-wrote and produced ‘Both Of Us’, which compliments Jayda’s soft and delicate vocals. 

‘Are U Down’ switches the tone as she starts by saying, “feeling super down”. However, despite the gloomier blues arrangement, it is layered on a harsher, repetitive percussive beat that cuts and slices then loops back. 

The dark horse on the EP is Jayda G’s Sunset Bliss Mix of ‘Both Of Us’. The remix takes the euphoric nature of the original and steps the energy up, adding several layers of melodic vocals to extend the song into a club anthem.

This is the first original material since the now London-based DJ’s debut album Significant Changes, and it demonstrates the energy, talent, and prowess she brings to her sets.