JPEGMAFIA strikes again with new single and video, ‘The Bends!’, following his previous releases ‘Cutie Pie!’, ‘Bodyguard!’, and ‘Bald!’. Each track has been released during the past four months and largely during the lockdown period.

The Baltimore rapper has been productive during the pandemic: he has been producing, self-directing and streaming his series ‘How to Build A Relationship’. The series has featured guest appearances and interviews with artists such as Ariel Pink, Danny Brown and Denzel Curry.

‘The Bends!’ seems to be a statement regarding everything that has been happening in America lately. Starting with a Donald Trump vocal sample, it continues with lyrics that reveal the betrayal and sadness he feels for the president and his actions. “My leader treat me like an enemy, “Can’t believe we thought he’d be the man for we. It’s sad”.

The sample was taken from Trump’s 2019 speech during a rally in Atlanta titled ‘Black Voices for Donald Trump’. The artist had also released a single back in 2016 expressing his disappointment in the president, called ‘I might vote for Donald Trump’.

The video takes place in the desert and features JPEGMAFIA wearing a beekeeper suit. His theme of being completely covered with the mask and the suit is in keeping with the track’s title, expressing the pressure he feels because of the current president’s actions.

The video also shares the rapper’s statement at the credit section: ‘I miss ya’ll, 2020 makes my head hurt.”

You can stream JPEGMafia’s new single ‘The Bends!’ now, and you can view the video below.