Oscar Scheller is a singer-songwriter and producer from London that is friends with what seems like everyone in the business. He has just released his first solo single of 2020, ‘Famous Enough to Die’.

The track comes off the back of his successful project HTTP404 that dropped last year and starred huge tracks, such as ‘1%’ with Lily Allen. But, despite being the next release for Scheller, the track reminisces elements of his earlier sound combined with an upbeat electronic rhythm.

Scheller has been involved in the creative process for the likes of Miraa May, Ashnikko, and Arlo Parks, to name a few; a testament to how he has taken the writing and producing world by storm. 

‘Famous Enough to Die’ is taken from his upcoming third project Boy’s Cry and is “about our obsession with celebrity culture and status, and the anxiety of not being relevant enough in anyone’s life,” Scheller describes. The track features melancholic lyricism, a style which is prevalent in his repertoire but also, emphasises his vocal skills and signature songwriting.

His most recent collaborator Yaeger recently shared that Scheller had started his own label, ‘Handle with Care’ with ‘Famous Enough to Die’ being the first release from it.