SOAK has shared a short film featuring her spoken word track ‘I’m Alive’, with Gemma Doherty of Irish duo Saint Sister.

The short film instigated by Dublin based photographer and director Ellius Grace, is a collaborative project featuring a number of Irish creatives.

The theme of the film revolves ‘around the concept of finding comfort in mundane parts of life that we often take for granted’, according to SOAK’s statement.

“I wrote ‘I’m alive’ as a reminder to myself that there’s always something good waiting around the corner, even if right now it feels like everything has lost it’s shine,” said SOAK (real name, Bridie Monds-Watson).

“I hope this can act as a reminder to you that it won’t always be like this”.

The film features SOAK’s performance of her poem with a haunting piano accompaniment from Doherty, and botanic visuals.

The film details the subtle and mundane beauties in simply living, and in simply loving, with particular relevance to the Emerald Isle.

“In the first crunch of Tayto Cheese and Onion after months of being deprived, I’m alive, and I won’t take it for granted,” reads Monds-Watson.

We last heard from the Northern Irish musician last year with the release of her second album Grim Town

The Saint Sister duo however released ‘Dynamite’ back in March this year, which you can stream here.


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