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It doesn’t seem all that long ago since Declan Mckenna was warming up crowds for Blossoms at The Leadmill, with his modest stage presence but undeniably infectious hits. Tonight though, as snaking queues wrap around the O2 it’s clear that he has ascended into the UK indie big-leagues. His show oozes charisma, bouncing around stage from the offset and showcasing his refined talents as a performer and musician.

McKenna appears comfortable centre stage in front of a sold-out O2 Academy in Sheffield. Glitter applied, funky red slip-ons locked in place and golden telecaster in hand. He delivers on all levels. Tunes from 2020’s Zeros and latest release ‘My House’ are chanted and bounced along to with a receptive crowd that relish in the atmosphere and environment created. Lights sparkle and flash as hits such as ‘Isombard’ bring the boogie. Slowing things down, the solo acoustics from ‘Humongous’ add depth to the show and showcase the subtleties of this new age performer.

Adoring fans cheer on an encore that features the familiar bending notes from the infamous ‘Brazil’ and the explosive cult favourite ‘British Bombs’. Confetti cannons explode as McKenna leaps from the Twin Peaks-esque checked steps. As the colourful flakes settle, the audience are left in awe from a magical evening.

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