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“UK number one, UK number one” go the chants throughout The Lathums set, an enthusiastic celebration of the band’s chart-topping debut album, How Beautiful Life Can Be, responsible for the Wigan quartets meteoric rise. 

As the atmosphere builds and the lights begin to dim, the familiar acapella sound of The Housemartins ‘Caravan Of Love’ surges through the O2 Academy as speakers struggle to keep up with the volume of fans. Frontman Alex Moore spouts a familiar grin as they capitalise on an already electric atmosphere and strike straight in to the opening riff of ‘Flight On’. It’s a beautiful bouncing euphoric mess as those clambered on shoulders are rocked between the riotous crowd.

Alone on stage with two spotlights and an acoustic guitar Moore is unafraid to slow things down and continues to take his audience on a sing-along tour with the albums title track, ‘I’ll Never Forget The Time I Spent With You’ and ‘All My Life’. There is an extended pause as the band turn it up a gear again, soaring through a jangly guitar setlist.

Then we get another encore, as the chants return with force. The Wigan band, noticeably taken a back with the unrelenting demand, finish their set with ‘The Redemption Of Sonic Beauty’, and ‘Artificial Screens’ which sees the band off with its anthemic chorus and thumping drum beat. 

It’s been a swift rise for The Lathums, yet their live performance show just why they have rocketed to success. Awash with talent and with an audience spanning the ages, they not only captivated Sheffield crowd with a rip-roaring set at Tramlines in the summer, but returned to cement a momentous occasion at the O2. They’re aint’ no stopping The Lathums, I know that much.

Check out photos from the night below:

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