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The Leadmill was filled with the sounds of birds tweeting and the humid buzzing of a tropical rainforest as the packed crowd awaited the arrival of the indie scene’s North-Eastern veterans, Maximo Park. It might seem a little odd to be met with these sounds, priort to a band that once relied heavily on the popping beats of keyboard infused guitar bangers, but rest assured their performance incorporated a wealth of material. 

Latest release Nature Always Wins featured heavily throughout the night led by the sound vocals and sharp energy of frontman Paul Smith. Although at times this new material struggled to captivate the crowd in a similar style to old reliables late on a Tuesday evening, the tracks were nonetheless flawlessly delivered. 

The mood only truly developed when Smith delves into the band’s back catalogue though, with hits like ‘Our Velocity’ and ‘Books From Boxes’ filling The Leadmill with the echoing cheers of the fans as the strobe lights kicked in. Smith donned a neat bowler hat, black and red trench coat, plus white Doc Marten style loafers, radiating some real magician vibes as he performed to Sheffield.

The magical ‘Apply Some Pressure’ needed no introduction as the band end their set on a mesmerising high as the recognisable guitar hook bounced around The Leadmill’s walls and arms were thrown wildly into the air.  

See photos from the spellbinding performance below:

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