Reading boys The Amazons have been stirring up a lot of attention recently. Being shortlisted for the BBC’s Sound of 2017 poll and receiving a nomination for Q’s Best Breakthrough Act has stood them in good stead for a successful year already, and they are unequivocally emerging as one of the most explosive upcoming bands.

Not bad for a band who’s self titled debut album isn’t even out until the end of May. The Amazons, produced by Catherine Marks, who’s behind previous Foals and Wolf Alice albums, seems programmed for triumph and is set to join the list of albums reinventing and popularising rock in the 21st century.

Lead track ‘Stay With Me’ exudes the vehemence of youth exemption, which could be seen as a cliché but there is no ignoring how it burns with energy and stamina. ‘Burn My Eyes’ has a ripened sound similar to rock legends Foo Fighters, ‘Junk Food Forever’ reflects on the toxicity of a previous relationship but also the loneliness that is now felt in its absence. Lyrics such as “Have I changed for better now we’re not together?” will be a relatable trail of thought for many, and the crushing climax of the guitar finishes off the track on a soaring high.

‘Black Magic’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ strike out with thrashing riffs and blazing vocals that only hike the elation of their music. ‘Something in the Water’ despite being about heartache continues the spirit and potency of The Amazons, with lead vocalist Matt Thomson delivering an indulgent rendition of his experiences. Final track ‘Palace’ also demonstrates a sweet side of the normally rowdy persona they portray, ditching the momentous riffs and drums for a meditative piano and isolated vocals.

It seems The Amazons are a jack of all trades. A personal yet charged album, there are no weak links and it is lyrically reflective and intimate where it wants to be. They’ve already shown they have the knack of inducing their atmospheric live energy into their recordings, and the intensity and omnipotence of the music itself makes it an exhilarating and hooking debut.


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