Blossoms have been blinking brightly on the radar for some time, particularly after their high profile Glastonbury set in June. It seemed like their self-titled debut album was never going to arrive, with endless singles, EPs and tours teasing fans for months on end and raising their ever-growing profile to the point of no return.

Blossoms is a captivating debut, including some classic Blossoms songs and seeing some eagerly awaited new listens thrown into the mixture too. Well known tracks like ‘Charlemagne’, ‘At Most a Kiss’ and ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’, notable for their psychedelic influences and momentous melodies, hammer in Blossoms’ characteristic sound that runs a riot and holds the listener completely at their mercy with a nostalgic nudge.

Alongside these popular tracks also sits newer releases; ‘Onto Her Bed’ brings keyboard playing back into the modern stream with a short and sweet interval, stripped back and simple, and fades out with beautiful suspense. ‘My Favourite Room’ is guilty of a sentimental charm with an enchanting keyboard promenade alongside lyrics such as “when you were mine you were so kind/but you went and changed your mind/did you think how might I feel”. Final track ‘Deep Grass’ finishes off the album on a bittersweet high, similar to ‘505’ on Arctic Monkey’s Favourite Worst Nightmare, with a pulsing keyboard rhythm and inducing vocals that pull you along on a four minute hypnotic ride. You can’t help feel that it’s a sign that Blossoms are a band ahead of their own game even at such an early stage.

Blossoms have found a way to inject energy and create a new, cooler era of love song writing, which really illuminates their material against the dull and dreary pangs of heartache. It’s an exciting time to be part of their journey, watching them grow and captivate more and more of a dedicated fan base with their distinctive bursts of music. All in all, this debut shows off everything we’ve grown to love about them and more. Confidence oozes out of every song, a confidence that they carry so well, and if this is what they can produce for their debut, future releases from the Stockport five piece are going to take the music industry by storm.


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