BLOXX have released their debut album Lie Out Loud, an immediate firecracker of a record, consisting of twelve tracks, all produced to a high standard. Frontwoman Ophelia ‘Fee’ Booth and her divine vocals have enabled the band to write big pop anthems with sleek indie guitar riffs.

Starting out in 2016, the band formed when Fee, Taz, Mozwin and Paul all studied for a BTEC in Music Performance. They have since released multiple singles as well as the Headspace EP. This debut is a culmination of previous work with some brand new tracks to boot.

The majority of the record moulds around strong guitar riffs and ear-worm choruses which compliment Fee’s vocals. It uses these to flux between gritty melodies like in ‘Give Me the Keys’ to the unashamedly sugary pop hooks of ‘Hey Jenny’ and the BBC Radio 1 premiered ‘Off My Mind’.



“Off My Mind one of my favourite tracks on the record. We swapped around two singles, and I am glad about it. I think this will interest the ‘pop people’ of the world, and having it as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record was like a dream,” Fee told us about the track.

‘5000 miles’ follows suit with this lean towards a more polished sound, yet it still sounds primed for the live circuit, and is delivered like a soundtrack to a nineties coming-of-age cult classic. The band’s biggest single to date, ‘Coming Up Short’ is also desperate for a live venue. The moodier guitar riff of the track resembles the alt-rock band The Neighbourhood, while the falsetto chorus puts Fee’s vocals on a pedestal once again.

‘Thinking About Yourself’ stands out for its held back approach, before its powerful crescendo, plus its minor chords which sound as though they should not work together yet land perfectly.

Coming away from their indie-dance sound, ‘Changes’ and ‘What You Needed’ bring everything down a notch. The latter is especially a statement of flexibility of the band’s talents. On the largely-acoustic and vulnerable track, Booth sings, “All I need is someone I can just depend on, I guess you can’t pretend’. 

Lie Out Loud is a well developed breakthrough for BLOXX and it looks towards a promising future. The debut is a solid introduction to a talented band and a successful demonstration on how to produce a pop record with old school guitar riffs.

Lie Out Loud is available to purchase here and is available to stream everywhere. You can catch our chat with lead singer Ophelia ‘Fee’ Booth on the site soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


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