Croydon based disco-punks, Bugeye, release their debut album, Ready Steady Bang, on 10 July via independent label Reckless Yes. The Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Elastica, LIINES) produced album has so far been preceded by four singles: ‘Electric’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘When The Lights Go Out’ and ‘Blue Fire’.

Queens of the appose, Bugeye make songs that are catchy as hell, but which belie their serious, often dark subject matter.

‘When The Lights Go Out’ is an explosively upbeat punk track which astutely observes how using alcohol as a pick me up to freedom, only traps you in that viscous downward spiral of self-medicating to forget.

Latest single ‘Blue Fire’ underlines the current dark global political atmosphere fuelled mainly by hatred, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. This mood is reflected perfectly by Angela Martin, Bugeye’s frontwoman in the track’s DIY video produced in lockdown, without detracting from its message.

Other stand out tracks include ‘On And On’, ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Shake And Bake’.

Bugeye Throwing Shapes | Photo: Julia Woollams


“We knew what we wanted to write about from the very beginning. We wanted to write about life as it happens,” said the band about Ready Steady Band. “The drunken silliness of weekends, the boredom of work, the worry about what’s happening to the world, our fuck-ups, our day dreams, addiction, and our celebration of music styles from the past.” 

Ready Steady Bang is an astutely discerning take on life in the modern world, the perils of escapism through alcohol and the pointlessness of hating others who are different to ourselves. What the band have created with Ready Steady Bang, is an album which is defiantly hopeful despite the current state of the world.

Bugeye are unafraid of facing their demons with ferocious honesty, authenticity, and acceptance. It is a truly beautiful thing.

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