Cabbage have been making a fiercely refreshing contribution to Manchester’s music scene since 2015. They’ve already released a string of singles and EPs, setting the tone for what they aim to achieve: to make a satirical and politically-biased commentary of modern events in the form of energetic neo post-punk.

Their debut LP does not disappoint expectations of a wild journey over rapid bass lines and discordant guitar riffs mingled with the relentless chants by joint vocalists Lee Broadbent and Joe Martin. Dive into the deep end of Cabbage’s dark, volatile world with the opening track ‘Preach to the Converted’ which draws attention to the religious themes in the album artwork. The eerie, hooded figures culminating like a cult, a large wooden cross looming over them alludes to a somewhat murky and controversial album.

The band have certainly made a name for themselves so far with their rebellious anthems for post-Brexit Britain, poking fun at authority. The next few tracks are equally raucous; the fast-paced ‘Molotov Alcopop’ followed by the slow-building yet powerful ‘Disinfect Us’ and ‘Arms of the Pleonexia’. The latter in particular is sure to be a festival-favourite despite its serious undertones addressing the greed of powerful people, weapons of mass destruction and the consequences of war. The roaring chorus “How long ‘til we take responsibility?” is a solemn example, but fear not, the band never shy away from mucking around on stage and having a laugh.

‘Exhibit A’ takes the album in a different direction with droning dialogue and jangly guitars. The second half of the album, in general, is less short-fused and manic including the slightly difficult to listen to ‘Reptile State Funeral’ and ending on the epic, seven-minute ‘Subhuman 2-0’ that’s more instrumental than lyrical. The band seem to have got the balance between raw energy, wit and ingenuity on their debut. Filled with deliberate, memorable statements that will resonate with young people all over the country, this is a solid first album from the band who are sure to follow in the footsteps of other great Manchester bands and have an impact on the direction of alternative music in years to come.