Fizzy, angered and a little unnerving, how i’m feeling now speaks volumes of the powerful influence of our so-called new normal.

The story of Charli XCX’s fourth studio album speaks of a community trapped indoors but determined to continue creating, however DIY it gets.

Charli set the ambitious task of producing and mixing an entire album from home in five weeks, aided only by a small team of online collaborators. What results speaks candidly of today.

The grimey sirens of  ‘pink diamond’ commence a blow-by-blow account of all the sounds of last summer that won’t be renewed come festival season. The muddy production found in ‘pink diamond’ bleeds throughout the album and gives even the most hooked-up hit-worthy inclusions an edge. how i’m feeling now, still boasts killer hit-writing credentials however, with snarly verses in  ‘7 years’ and ‘anthems’ to the trilly delivery of ‘enemy’.

Nostalgia is not off limits in the album either as ‘c2.0’ refers to fan favourite ‘Click’ from last year’s album Charli, while singles such as ‘forever’ and ‘i finally understand’ prove the album still holds the capacity to land a commercial punch. ‘party 4 u’ meanwhile flexes Charli’s care free attitude with two minutes of glorious build before tailing off into fifteen seconds of crowd roars.

There are multiple energies at play in this trippy journey of isolation, breaks and assorted EDM, which make for a caged and frenzied album, alongside a level of anxiety that frames the current times perfectly.

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