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coasts albumCoasts have been on the edge of the musical sphere for a while, dipping their toe into the water but never actually taking the leap. The time for the release of their self-titled debut album has arrived though, oozing with anticipation.

The album starts with their most notable track ‘Oceans’, which singer Chris Caines describes as being about the “dumb little things that you find that makes you go crazy over someone”. It plunges straight into an insouciant and sandy sound, with buoyant guitar impulses and pacifying vocals that add a sheen of revelry to the track and wraps the listener around their little finger. However the next few songs seem to pass in a narrow and constrained fashion, all containing two-dimensional cliché lyrics about love that are further sabotaged by the lack of passion behind the vocals.

‘You’ is an exception, temporarily adding a little grit into the mixture with a darker and tenser paradox. Its tangible and slow build up leaves you eagerly awaiting the chorus, which doesn’t disappoint with its panoramic impact that etches into the crevices of your mind.

‘Lions’ falls sort with a bland and lifeless melody, and the rest of the album follows in a similar fashion, haunted with that beach-poppy sound, similar to Bastille and Imagine Dragons. Unfortunately this is regurgitated over and over again. ‘Your Soul’ possesses a similar sound as opening track ‘Oceans’ with a lively guitar plucking away with a prevailing vocal and a thumping drum, and the final track ‘Tonight’ also mirrors this pattern and leaves the album on a slightly disappointing note.

For the amount of time Coasts have had to produce a debut album, it somehow still feels rushed. It’s pleasant, but it just doesn’t seize you in the way that a really great album does. A slightly different sound incorporated in there would have really emphasised what this album actually has to offer; it just falls short of that memorability sadly. Coasts have stuck to what their fans know and love and maybe it’s an album that grows on you, but that is something that only time will tell.

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