Never mind stepping up the morphine, DMA’S have stepped up the production with The Glow. The band’s third album is a culmination of well-developed and refined tracks from the Australian band which advance from previous records.

This new approach is captured in the album’s artwork, moving forward with a luminous composition that links to the album title. This vibrancy glows throughout each single that has been released so far, as well as the music video for ‘The Glow’. 

Working in Hollywood with renowned producer, Stuart Price, shows just how far DMA’S have come from their early days back home in Sydney. “Listening to the record brings back some cool memories and a really positive vibe,” said lead vocalist Tommy O’Dell. “This record is the one we were ready to make, and the one that we needed to make.”

The opening track ‘Never Before’ doesn’t stray far from their Oasis-comparison sound. The track, much like ‘Strangers’ is nothing original but certainly one to go down well live.

DMA’s have also included more anthemic-ballad style tracks leading away from this Oasis comparison, with the lead single ‘Silver’ and ‘Criminals’ especially.

Since 2018’s For Now, DMA’s have clearly evolved. ‘Life is a Game of Changing,’ is a perfect touchstone of this new evolution. The track is an exhilarating rush of big beat dynamics, sun-kissed Balearic dance vibes and the guitar-meets-electro hybrid of latter day New Order.

DMA’s have found resounding success in their slower tracks previously, such as ‘Do I Need You Now?’ and ‘In the Air’. ‘Appointment’ follows in line with this stripped back and triumphant formula. ‘Learning Alive’ and ‘Criminal’ also follow suit with slow tempos. 

The Glow is a collection of satisfactory tracks which despite being released during uncertain times is a promise to fans that they are on the rise. “In the last eighteen months we’ve started gaining momentum, and more people are enjoying music that was originally just meant for us. That’s why we do it – to build that connection with people,” said Tommy O’Dell. 

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