On album number two, Dream Wife return with the same fire which burned through their debut, but this time the Brighton trio have chosen to control the flame resulting in a brilliant bonfire of a record.

So When You Gonna… starts not with an ember, but an explosion. “Fuck sorry, fuck please will you so kindly start again?” asks Iceland born frontwoman Rakel Mjöll before the volcanic riff of ‘Sports’ ignites the album. The opening track and lead single features witty, punchy, and clever references to the album’s theme of ‘living in the moment’ but above all this track is just bloody fun. You can tell the trio have had a blast with it, from its songwriting, to the production, and especially the retro sports-themed video.

The same can be said for the title track. It is a no frills punk anthem embracing the band’s riot grrrl roots. This track is especially representative of the impulsive and impatient nature of the album. The trio have never messed around. They made it clear to us when we last spoke, that they are certainly not a band of small talk. This is emphasised further in the track’s chorus,”When you gonna kiss me?” screams Mjöll, clearly fed up with a little too much small talk.


Dream Wife bringing the fire to Sheffield in 2018

So When You Gonna… is also the title of their podcast series where the band chat with womxn in various sectors of the industry. It is again an extension of the ‘now or never’ motif of the album – they are encouraging listeners to crack on with developing the skills discussed by their talented guests.

While the theme of spontaneity flows through each track, the album is far more controlled than its predecessor. Their self titled debut was a riotous introduction to the band, but it was largely untamed and rough around the edges. So When You Gonna… retains the rugged energy we have come to love from Dream Wife, but it boasts a new maturity.

Tracks like ‘Hasta La Vista’ and ‘Temporary’ are largely stripped back and elevate the band’s musical ingenuity along with Mjöll’s silky vocals which so easily switch to impressive screams.

This maturity also comes through on their most pop-sounding track to date ‘RH RN’. The track is another ode to living in the moment. “We are the youngest we will ever be. We are the oldest we have ever been. Right now. Right here, right now,” sings Mjoll in the chorus. They empathise this point by not even wasting time on the other 13 letters of the song title.

As immediate as it is well-crated, So When You Gonna… is a blazing success by the ultimate fire starters in modern punk. Dream Wife just keep burning brighter.

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