Out on May 13th, Ullages is Eagulls’ second record, and expands on the shady punk that existed on their debut. Singles like Euphoria and Lemontree had already provided an insight in to the silky vocals guided by ungodly bass lines and planetary guitar melodies which run true throughout the record.  But it’s the album as a whole which creates a story, told only by music that takes you out of this world and disguises dark thoughts as happy melodies – similar to that of The Smiths.

Though it may not sound light and fluffy, Ullages offers juxtapositions throughout. From lyrics which talk about being ‘enslaved to dotted lines’ and asking whether the future is ‘as grey as the slabs on our drive?’, Eagulls are giving reason for protest, anarchy and riotous behaviour. If their self-titled debut was good for you, this is going to blaze your world and refresh those thoughts within your mind.   There’s a consistent story-telling kind of feel to the whole record from opening track ‘Heads or Tails’ through to songs like ‘Psalms’, making it sound like an album that isn’t a regulation sophomore record, but a comeback that we have all desperately been waiting for.

Ullages frequently feels like Eagulls are trying to reflecting the times we are living in; a comment on the monotony of Tory rule. They pull immediate focus onto such matters, demonstrating their ability to compress huge issues in to just a few minutes. It’s a dark, sombre product that allows you to think and surround yourself with the chords that float so lightly around the room you’re sat in.

Ullages is a consistent piece of work that draws upon the sound that was so carefully refined in their debut, but this time we’re offered a bigger version. It’s a built up, more dramatic record that hits hard on the matters that mean the most to them. This time, it feels huge. From start to finish, you’re not a listener, you’re in the darkest parts of the music, listening from the inside and experiencing everything they want you to experience. If there was any doubt that Eagulls couldn’t create another album that fulfils everything we wanted, it wont exist as soon as you hit play.

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