Energetic Spanish quartet Hinds have refined their sound in a belter of a second album, I Don’t Run. Retaining their lo-fi DIY sound but smoothing off the edges a little, ‘I Don’t Run’ sees Hinds maturing their uniquely feminine brand of rock n roll.

Lead vocalist Calotta Cosials’ screeching tone may put some off, but the band’s defiant ownership of their girl power is part of the charm. The album builds wonderfully on debut Leave Me Alone to provide a more varied pacing and style. ‘New For You’ and ‘Soberland’ bring the summer-ready bouncy tunes that make Hinds so irresistibly lovable, whilst slower numbers ‘Linda’ and ‘I Feel Cold But I Feel More’
bring a new depth to the band’s sound.

‘Tester’ is a highlight. Blending addictive hooks with overlapping vocals, it truly showcases what makes Hinds a fantastic band. Towards the end of the song, the band channel Black Sabbath as heavy riffs become the focus of the track. “Should I have known before you were also banging her?” sing Cosials and Ana Perotte – the song, like the rest of the album, is an intimate look at the challenges and insecurities facing
these young women.

The band’s exuberant energy, so clear in live shows and their colourful social media presence, is well captured in this album. With confrontational lyrics that fans of Leave Me Alone will adore, and hooks that will excite fan and casual listener alike, ‘I Don’t Run’ is a
triumphant second album.


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