Honeyblood bring a unique blend of fuzz-driven grunge and catchy melodies in their highly anticipated second album Babes Never Die.

The two piece grunge-pop band based in Glasgow first made an impact back in 2014 with their self-titled debut album and have established an ever-growing loyal fanbase. Having toured with the likes of Courtney Barnett, Superfood and Foo Fighters they have a viscous live reputation and this new album only adds to their already impressive discography. 

The opening track ‘Intro’ starts with repeated witch-like chants of “never die” that gradually crescendo into a wall of sound which seamlessly flow into the album title track ‘Babes Never Die’. This track is based upon a saying close to lead singer Stina’s heart – literally, as the phrase is tattooed on her ribcage. ‘Babes Never Die’ is a definitive opening statement for an album which takes the listener on a story of drunken tequila night outs (‘Sea Hearts’) to what it was like growing up with social inequalities in Glasgow (‘Gangs’). 

Throughout the album it is clear the impact that new drummer Kat Myers has had on providing energy and raw aggression to the Honeyblood sound. For example, the lead single ‘Ready For the Magic’ simply wouldn’t have the same in your face impact without Kat’s drumming style. The stand out track ‘Walking At Midnight’, which has been described by Stina as the “black-sheep on the album”, sees the band venture into previously unheard atmospheric sounds and has a huge chorus with a creepy vocal hook. Tracks such as ‘Love Is A Disease’ bring a new electronic bass to Honeyblood and ‘Cruel’ highlights the rawer emotional side of Stina’s lyrics. 

If you haven’t already heard of Honeyblood, listen to this album. It is without doubt one of the finest releases of 2016 and is full of genuinely memorable tracks which bring raw energy, unique stories and riffs to an album that is impressive from start to end.