Jessie Ware’s music has found its way back to the dancefloor. From early beginnings as a vocalist on SBTRKT tracks, electro has always permeated her repertoire one way or another. But none of her releases have sat quite so firmly in the genre of disco as What’s Your Pleasure?

Ware is no stranger to musical success. She has three top ten albums already under her belt and a prior Mercury Prize nomination to beat. But more recently, she has found roaring success hosting  the ‘Table Manners’ podcast alongside her mum, growing her already strong musical following considerably.

As a result of this success, you could say that Ware was best placed to release an album that would be well received. Perhaps more importantly, What’s Your Pleasure?, an archetypal disco album, has been released in an atmosphere where typical clubbing is not on the cards. The result is a nostalgic record, making listeners yearn for a simpler time. It is no doubt on repeat in parks and living rooms across the UK and beyond.

Ware clearly draws influences of Studio 54 and the height of 80’s disco culture throughout the album. In ‘Ooh La La’, techy synths and scatty melodies combine to create a irresistible rhythm. Similarly, the title track sounds like it could be from an 80’s top hits album, with Ware’s sultry vocals overlying a synth-heavy backing track and a four to the floor beat. These typical disco elements are well put together across the album, creating tracks that sound equally fresh and nostalgic.

Certain tracks hark back to the Devotion and Tough Love era. ‘Save a Kiss’ contains the layered, soft vocals and euphoric instrumentation reminiscent of ‘Wildest Moments’ and ‘Champagne Kisses’. Early single, ‘Adore You’, also has this element to it with production from Metonomy’s Joseph mount, breaking up the disco with a more soulful edge. Still, electro-style beats find their way into these tracks also, cementing Ware’s return to the club quite radically.

As always, Ware’s vocals standout. Her impressive range is powerful and of effortless quality. In ‘Mirage (Don’t Stop)’ she flits between high energy lyrics. Don’t stop moving together. Don’t stop moving together. Keep on dancing,’ she sings with breathy, deeper tones.

Jessie Ware’s impressive vocals and lyrical charm combine to make an electronic record that takes your pleasure just that little bit further.