Lamb of God make a strong comeback with their tenth album that is politically charged and bears the weight of their own name and identity.

This weight is indeed heavy for the Virginian metal legend, who have been around for three decades. With Anthrax becoming a distant memory, Pantera having also long split, and Slayer retiring only a few months ago, Lamb of God are pretty much the ‘last of the Mohicans’.

The band’s latest album (which will be released on 19 June) proves that not only are they still going strong, but that they can produce music which is as timelier as ever, (which they also flaunt on the album cover). “Putting only our name on is a statement. This is Lamb of God. Here and now,” said vocalist Randy Blythe.

Along with producer Josh Wilbur (Limp Bizkit, Korn, Gojira, Trivium), Lamb of God introduce sounds in their eponymous album that go beyond their typical style, while special guest appearances by Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta and Testament’s Chuck Billy keep them grounded to the genre they are masters of.

The album’s opening track and first single ‘Memento Mori’ begins with a gothic-metal intro that even Paradise Lost would envy. That is just the beginning though: what follows is a feral outburst of hell-breaking energy.

The album continues in classic Lamb of God style, with guitarist Mark Morton, and bassist John Campbell, nailing the chromatic scales and the band’s new drummer, Art Cruz, delivering bullet-train percussion.

Halfway through Lamb of God, the band give a nu-metal hint in ‘Resurrection Man’, with an intro that sounds like a nineties Korn track. That hint leads to the album’s peak with ‘Bloodshot Eyes’, a track which already sounds like a classic.

The lyrics capture today’s times and hint to the situation currently rising in America, with references to massacres, hate rising, and “The New Abnormal” in ‘Reality Bath’. The American Dream becomes the “American Scream” in ‘Checkmate’, and “On The Hook” talks about  a generation that is “addicted and commodified.”

Overall, Lamb of God is an album which features everything you could want. Lamb of God have gone beyond labels and genres. Sure they still offer pure metal but they also bring thrash, gothic and nu metal from the eighties and nineties into the music scene of today. Lamb of God, despite their long career, still have a lot to say.

You can preorder the album now and listen to their latest single with Chuck Billy below.

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