Album Review: Oscar – Cut And Paste


North Londoner Oscar Scheller is one of the most talked about new indie stars in the UK at the moment. His guitar based indie pop and intriguing deep, rich vocals have captured many peoples attention during his live tours throughout 2015 and 16. Cut And Paste marks Oscars first full length release, and while at times the album shows great promise, it also feels a little safe.

The best songs on the album are undoubtedly the singles that have been released in its build up. Take the raucous synth roar of album opener ‘Sometimes’, a bold track that opens with Oscar snarling “I’m the worst thing that you’ll ever know” which sets the tone for one of the albums more boisterous moments. ‘Breaking My Phone’ also follows this heavier trend. Oscars frustration can be felt through gritty guitars in a song that shows his battles with unrequited love.

Arguably the two best tracks on the album are ‘Beautiful Words’ and ‘Daffodil Days’. Here the melodies feel slightly happier and both contain euphoric choruses that showcase the true beauty of Scheller’s brooding vocals. The latter in particular is an infectious, jangly cry back to the glory days of Brit Pop. Another highlight is most recent single ‘Good Things’. It’s a wonderfully easy listening song, with a beautifully simple melody. The message is all about the human condition and desire and his voice shows real warmth; “We all want to be loved by one another”, which gives it a very uplifting feel.

‘Feel It Too’ and ‘Be Good’ show some of the characteristics of a good Oscar song, with upbeat and catchy choruses, but without quite the same effect as the aforementioned songs. Unfortunately some of the album tracks fall a little flat in comparison to the lofty peaks of the singles, making a couple feel more like B-Sides than album tracks.

However, there is undoubtedly a lot of potential here. His ear for an anthemic chorus is clear and his baritone vocals are a marvel. While Cut And Paste may not set the world on fire, it still marks as a solid start for the Londoner. Hopefully there are plenty more ‘good things’ to come.

Our Rating

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