Always Live for Always, the awe-inspiring debut from Pauline Skött (known as Skott) is a record about rediscovering who you are, what you are capable of, and unbolting the chains of your past.

The album includes six new tracks, but also includes previous releases from as early as 2016 such as firm fan-favourites, ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Amelia’.

On the latest single, ‘Talk About Me’, the Swedish musician sings about the skewed view the rest of us have of fame. Through the gossip and obsession that surrounds ‘the celebrity’ we have an idea of her world, or at least an opinion, “You tell me you see and it isn’t me. You tell me what I’m like but I don’t agree,” she sings.

‘Porcelain’ is an exquisite allusion to being vulnerable and open in life and in love. The track explores opening the most precious parts of our being and how in doing so, can make us become as delicate as porcelain. Being open in love can leave us open to destruction, but it can also bring something that is beautiful.

On ‘Stay Awake’, Skott sings about the dreams that once were, but have now passed as though the love and fragility from ‘Porcelain’ has run its course, she is now willing her life to be reborn.

“I wanted to balance a variety of different soundscapes on my first album – I didn’t write it with one singular subject in mind, but there is a common theme of dreams and introspection in the songs,” Skott said.

Despite this, Always Live for Always remains cohesive. It is a musical representation of healing and going out into the world with a newfound strength. Choosing to always live, before anything else.

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