Concept albums have never been a problem. In fact, they’re probably some of the most interesting releases because there’s an even bigger story to tell. But Slow Club’s ‘One Day All Of This Won’t Matter’ seems to hold the concept of looking back in the past and, under no illusion, almost copy it.

Music journalist Simon Reynolds has often argued that we are lacking artists who look in to the future and try to create something new, and futuristic. He continues that we’re constantly getting copies of past music, and it’s this record that can definitely support that statement. Their fifth album seems to pull extracts from Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’ and expands it in to album length, seemingly creating something that feels like it’s going on for hours. Sensual, it may be. Captivating, it’s not.

Right from ‘Where The Light Gets Lost’, it feels like we’re all in a car in standstill traffic and we’re experiencing the worst weather possible. Things are dragging from the first minute and there are no signs of it picking up. It gives the immediate impression that this is for all those people out there who love to think about the Pythagoras theorem whilst making love – it has a niche appeal. “I’m still sat here” Charles Watson sings, as if he has pre-guessed our thoughts. By ‘Come On Poet’, you begin to search the internet to find out if anybody has found a way of getting your time back.

Deep bass lines are the main focus by the halfway point as it becomes the only interesting thing about the record. Cabaret-style vocals carry a melody that has become victim of those ghostly figures out of Harry Potter who steal all sense of character, essentially. It becomes unbearable, torturous and almost a joke. Their intentions are in the right place, the centre point of the record seems okay but it just doesn’t work at this moment in time.

If you want arousing guitar chords, mediocre vocals and you enjoy a good old sudoku on a Friday night, well this is the record for you. If you’re looking for originality, music with depth and a bit of character, stay away. Save your time and refer back to Fleetwood Mac, they can sum up the whole album in that one song.