As clever as the Cambridge graduates are, Sports Team, couldn’t have foreseen the period their debut would land. Having pushed back Deep Down Happy‘s release due to the global pandemic; Sports Team finally released it right in the eye of a civil rights storm.

Renowned for their blazing, high-octane, live shows, the unashamedly middle class band are part of a country that is beginning to reform its ethnic prejudices. This is a renaissance for both society and music, and Sports Team are leading the charge for an exciting era of indie in this new world.

The album is full of previously released singles, with only four new tracks not yet heard. This has not stopped their fervent fans lapping it up, as they look on course for a spot at the top of the album charts.

Deep Down Happy features many of the high energy numbers that have become the band’s norm.

Opening with ‘Lander’, they make no bones about the middle class towns they come from, “Everyone thinks you need to act like a downtrodden band,” frontman, Alex Rice, has previously stated. 

Exercising their rights to extrapolate a hypothesis, the brilliantly astute ‘Here’s The Thing’, highlights the failings of a modern political character laying out his manifesto; before labelling it all “lies, lies, lies”.

And of course they’ve included fan favourite, ‘Kutcher’, a tongue and cheek rodeo of a single. 

There’s an inspiring, inclusive, tribalism about Sports Team, their fans and the music. They know exactly who they are, who they trust, and who they stand against. Unapologetic, authentic, and original. Vive la révolution!

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