As summer fades, the return of Superfood with album number two, Bambino, dishes out a hearty burst of flavour to illuminate the upcoming colder months. A few years on since their debut record, this time around turned out to be quite the challenge, with half the band departing and the album initially being self-recorded and self-funded until their recent signing with label Dirty Hit Records. A true tale of a tough grind, overcoming obstacles and the rewards of perseverance, Bambino is a collection of tracks that run thick with craftsmanship and individuality.

‘Where’s The Bass Amp’ is a playful introduction into Superfood’s next chapter, boasting poppy synths and bouncy beats. Lead singles ‘I Can’t See’ and ‘Unstoppable’ make an early appearance, full of infectious melodies and warm tropical influences that are dextrously catchy; it’s an energetic start. The more guitar-based tracks include ‘Need a Little Spider’, which has that hypnotic and chipper Black Keys vibe attached to it, and ‘Raindance.’ They throw a few instrumental tracks into the mix too, such as ‘wibble mtn’, and ‘c is for colour’, the latter being lead by a slow yet funky bass and piano melody.

To the end of Bambino, a more choppy and raw side emerges in ‘Shadow’, a track that is easily comparable to The Wytches, especially in the chorus. The underlying earthy synth work allows it to still thrive amongst the other more spirited tracks and fit right in.

For a band that experienced a considerable shake up, Bambino is a comfortably cool piece of work. Superfood have definitely moved towards a more experimental and electronic sound after their switch up, but they’ve done it in the perfect dose, not stepping too far away from their indie rock roots yet still giving us a taste of their versatility and ability to cross genres seamlessly. Even the album cover design and colours signify the burst of fresh sounds to be served up upon listen.


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