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With summer fast approaching and the sun finally shining, many will be scouring the internet in order to find an album to bask in on warm summer days. Look no further than Chicago rockers Twin Peaks third LP Down In Heaven. The album has, in places, a fantastically happy indie rock feel. It displays the true innovation of this band, different from both garage rock sounding debut Sunken and the almost modern punk based second outing Wild Onion.

Take album opener and lead single ‘Walk To The One You Love’. The song is about coming to accept unrequited love “I would hate to see you walk away, but I won’t cry or beg for you to stay”, and while the lyrics may suggest the opposite, the melody is infectiously warm, it’s a brilliant bouncy affair with guitar twangs lining the track. It feels very much like a 60s rock tune, perhaps channelling some of The Monkees, whilst Cadien James’ vocals still remain very Ray Davies-esque.

The album was mixed by John Agnello, who has worked with, among others, Kurt Vile. Perhaps some of his influence can be heard on following track ‘Wanted You’. It shows the bands softer side, with it’s tranquil rhythm and gentle guitars. ‘Cold Lips’ is another calmer number, with delicate trumpets and subtle keyboards throughout, something the band employ far more often and to great effect.

Tracks ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Lolisa’ plunge you straight back to the 60s, the former utilising some wails of “Bah Bah” in the chorus, while the latter has intricate guitars straight from early Beatles. ‘Holding Roses’ is very reminiscent of the jangle rock heard on Wirral outfit Hooten Tennis Clubs impressive 2015 debut, while finale ‘Have You Ever’ feels like a cheery celebration at the end of a very successful project.

This album makes for wonderfully easy listening and perhaps marks the group’s finest work to date. Twin Peaks manage to transform, but at the same time stay true to their sound. Down In Heaven will please both old fans and gain some new. It’s a 60s summer stroll and an impressive new chapter in the catalogue of an ever changing outfit.

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