Having worked their way through countless gigs, festival sets, and support slots for the likes of The Kooks and Circa Waves, Vistas have established themselves as a powerful force. Now, with their debut album Everything Changes In The End, the Edinburgh trio show why they deserve a spot in your Most Played playlist.

Vistas are hugely indebted to the sounds of the 2000’s indie scene. The riffs are taut enough to be mistaken for a Two Door Cinema Club outtake, while the non-stop pace and grand choruses take a leap from The Strokes playbook.

From the first snare beat, Everything Changes, will have its hooks in you.  The title track and ‘The Love You Give’ are pure sugar-rushes, filled with crisp guitar fuzz and synths. Most of the album has one speed and that is full throttle.

‘Tigerblood’ is accelerated by a towering beast of a riff and is a catchy live favourite built for crowds.
Throughout the album, vocalist Prentice Robertson adds character to every track with his powerful voice and Scottish accent. Robertson seems as comfortable belting out sing-along choruses at the top of his lungs as he is at pitching his voice to a falsetto.

Though much of Everything Changes is fun, the constant propulsive pace can lead to tracks rushing by without a chance to stick. With many tracks coming in at two to three minutes long, it is in fact the longer, slower tunes which are highlights, such as ‘November’, which carefully builds momentum before reaching a blistering crescendo.

Many of the tracks are taken from previous releases, ‘Retrospect’ dates way back to 2017 while other old favourites like ‘Hold me’ and ‘Like an American’ fail to make the cut.

Everything Changes In The End is a fantastic debut for an exciting band, which provides thrills and bags of joy at a time when it is sorely needed. While it is unfortunate that we are not going to hear these tracks live anytime soon, Vistas have created an album that is a perfect distraction, and one that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.