First debuting to the music scene back in 2009 with their critically acclaimed album To Lose My Life, White Lies return with their fourth studio album Friends. It is an album full of their trademark dark-synth-pop sounds that will no doubt please current fans, but is unlikely to make much more of an impact than that.

Friends in many ways could be seen as departure from some of the cinematic sounds that were once associated with White Lies. Every track on Friends is all the more subdued and in some ways more personal. While this shows a new side of White Lies, one that has only been hinted at on previous album releases, it does overshadow Friends as a whole. Take the lead single ‘Take It Out On Me’ for example – while it does have the characteristic White Lies dark bass-driven sound, the track just lacks the in-your-face impact and catchy melodies that previous singles such as ‘Death’ or ‘There Goes Our Love Again’ had.

While Friends may not flow from start to finish quite, there are still some breath-taking tracks that deserve to be mentioned. A clear stand out of the album is the track ‘Summer Didn’t Change A Thing’. This track has a chorus that is reminiscent of the earlier albums and brings a heavier overdriven guitar sound that seamlessly blend with an array of classic 80’s synth sounds. The track ‘Come On’ is another highlight as it starts off subdued but progressively builds up in to an explosive wall of melodic sound.

It’s safe to say that the days of White Lies playing Wembley Arena are now long gone. Friends just isn’t quite as memorable or as decisive compared to their previous albums. However, if you’re already a fan then this recent instalment will come as a welcome addition to the band’s discography.


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